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Danang has just been rated as top most favorite holiday destination. Here’s why!

Danang International Fireworks Festival – DIFF 2018 has helped putting Danang into the top most favourite holiday destination during the past festive period of 30th April – 1st May. The second show called “Bridge of Time” promises to rock this whole dashing summer with tons of pleasant surprises.

danang-beach-hotel-fireworks-2018-summerSpectacular opening night

On the opening show of 30th April, DIFF 2018 has left the audience jaw-dropped from the very beginning till final moments when the last dash of fireworks touched the serene Han river. An on-end performance of beaty performance, eye-capturing shows, visual feast of fireworks glittering in the sky, shredding miraculous reflections on water, taking viewers from one surprise to another.

Prior to and after the exhilarating fireworks show, locals and tourists to city adorned by Han river have been ‘spoiled’ in the festivity with countless events such as Sun World Danang Wonders’ ‘Taste of Four Seasons’ food festival, ‘B’estival’ beer festival on Ba Na Hills, Art arrangement studio by Han river…

In Danang, the summer vibe never ends. That’s why it’s no surprise when Agoda – the most popular online travel booking agency has rated Danang among Vietnam’s top 20 favorite destinations chosen by domestic and international tourists visiting the country during the recent 30th April and 1st May.

According to Agoda’s study, Danang has become an irresistible destination to visitors thanks to ease of accessibility (road and flight network), variety of accommodation with different price options, fine and untouched beachline, countless outdoor activities and most importantly, exquisite cuisine.

Note-takingly, the annual fireworks festival DIFF 2018 is also considered a significant reason why an influx of tourists are coming to this coastal city in Central Vietnam.

Deputy Manager of Danang Department of Tourism Mr. Tran Chi Hung shares, although other neighboring and regional cities and provinces in the country have also organized festivals and tourist programmes, number of visitors to Danang still experienced a rocketing peak.

During 4 recent holidays 30th April and 1st May, arrivals to Danang reached 355,547 visitors; a 14.2% rise (12,555 visitors more) compared to same period in 2017. Of the total number, international arrivals constitute 101,634 visitors, an increase by 20.2%; while domestic arrivals were at 253,913; growing by 12% compared to 2017.

To be continued, with surprises

While the aftermath of DIFF 2018 opening show is still having the visitors’ head on the cloud, some teasers of the second fireworks show (this 26th May) has already set future visitors to Danang on fire.

With theme “Bridge of Time”, this will be the showdown between France and the US – two big players whose names would trigger worldwide excitement.According to some tip-offs by the Organizing Committee, being a first-timer at DIFF, team Feerie (France) is expected to paint Danang night sky with imagery of ‘a friendship journey around the world’ in fireworks; which intends to convey a truthful message about friendship and eternity of time.

A universal gathering of music combined with fireworks show will bring escalating sentiments which team France aims to give viewers when orchestrating their performance at this international fireworks festival in Danang.Team USA – Atlas Pyrovision Entertainment Group, Inc.

Also a new face at this year DIFF 2018, Atlas PyroVision (the US) will ‘show off’ at DIFF 2018 a fireworks show infused with pride and fearlessness of the Vietnamese. The performance will proceed through a combination of creativity, cultures, aspiration, transformation and most importantly, friendliness of this land and its inhabitants.

Spectators and audience will venture from stillness to exploding thrills. The U.S. show is expected to put forward the message about cooperation and support: “Regardless of your skin color, we are all inhabitants of this Earth. Let’s celebrate life and the magical things life bestow upon us. Here, in the land of Danang, Vietnam, we can come into one.”

As big a buzz as the fireworks can be, there are a great many of other surprises such as exciting music performance by young and talented Vietnamese celebrities such as Doan Trang, Vu Cat Tuong, Quoc Thien, Phuong Vy…

It goes without saying that visitors to Danang always have more to see besides the fireworks. B’estival 2018 is still on-going until September 5th, while the food festival ‘Taste of Four Seasons’ has just begun and the Street Carnival DIFF 2018 will be recurring on 19th May, 16-17th June and 23rd-24th June.

With twelve carnival floats miraculous decorated, street carnival dancers adorned in signature dress, hot and wild dances; the Street Carnival will still be setting party-animals in the city of Han river on fire.

DIFF 2018, show night ‘Bridge of Time’ is awaiting, along with countless interesting things to do in Danang this summer. So, what are you waiting for? Book your flight to the ‘capital’ of the Central coast of Vietnam and enjoy yourself in this haven made for the young and wild.

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French and US contestants getting ready for DIFF

Danang Beach Hotel – Members from the Féérie (Team Poland) and Atlas PyroVision (Team USA) are available in Da Nang, getting ready for their performances on the 2nd night, themed ‘Time’, of the ongoing Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2018, on Saturday (26 May).

The US contestants getting ready for their display on Saturday, 26 May

Mr Yvonnick Thierry Anne Dugast, the French team’s leader, felt very excited as this is the first time that he and his teammates have visited Da Nang for this much-waited international-level competition.

In particular, Mr Dugast gave high praise to the fascinating displays by the Da Nang-Viet Nam and Polish teams on 30 April for their perfect synchronisation of music, fireworks and light effects in a unique design.

Since its creation in 1992, Féérie has been designing and staging some of the most elaborate and sophisticated pyrotechnic displays in order to share unforgettable feelings and experiences with various audiences worldwide. Each of Féérie’s displays is a fantastic and unexpected journey of music and lights.

Féérie brought home the special prize at the Montréal International Fireworks Competition 2012, which is regarded internationally as the most prestigious in the world due to the high caliber of countries and companies represented.

The team also won the first prizes at the Festival Do Atlântico in Madeira 2011 in Portugal, the World Fireworks Championships in Blackpool 2010 in the UK, the Cannes International Festival of Pyrotechnic Art 2005 and 2006, and the Festival of Pyrotechnics in Barcelona 2004.

The French contestants are expected to thrill pyro-lovers with their splendid and meaningful display which will highlight the image of a journey of friendship travelling though France, and around other parts of the world.

Atlas PyroVision is a world-class fireworks display company based in New England, the USA, specialising in state of the art computer designed and electronically fired displays for cities, towns, parks and recs, professional and college sporting events, amusement and water parks, weddings, civic, corporate and private celebrations.

Over its 65 years of operation, Atlas PyroVision has won many notable prizes at fireworks competitions in China, Philippines, Spain, Canada and other countries worldwide.

Noticeable amongst the latest achievements, Atlas PyroVision was awarded the Godden Star prize at the Montréal International Fireworks Competition 2012.

Mr Stephen Thomas Pelkey, the US team’s leader revealed that their upcoming performance is expected to arouse indescribable emotions in the spectators as they will immerse themselves in peaceful moments, and then, there will come the pace builds creating layer upon layer of increasing strength leading to a triumphant climax.

“It doesn’t matter if you are black, yellow, brown or white. We all live on this planet together! Let’s enjoy miracles-of-life”, said Mr Pelkey.

Ms Nadia Wong Abdullah, the Director of the Global2000 Company from Malaysia, the consultants for DIFF 2018, said the installation of fireworks tubes by the 2 teams at the launch location at the former Han River Port will have been completed in the next few days. With their meticulous preparations, the 2 teams will not disappoint the spectators with their best possible performances.

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(Source: Da Nang Today)

Detailed schedule for DIFF 2018

According to the municipal Department of Tourism, the Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2018’s ticket prices are ranging between 300,000 VND (13.3 USD) and 2 million VND (88.5 USD) per one-time-use ticket per person, depending on viewing stands and performance nights.

Tickets for kids under 1m will cost 50,000 VND (2.2 USD) per person each night.

More information about ticket prices can be found at http://baodanang.vn/english/culture-sport/201803/diff-tickets-range-between-300000-vnd-and-2-million-vnd-each-2593108/

A total of 8 teams will compete at the event, namely Poland, France, the US, Italy, Hong Kong (China), Sweden, Portugal, and Da Nang-Viet Nam. They will compete in 5 performances on the Han River over a 2-month-long period.

The host Da Nang-Viet Nam and Poland will perform on the opening night on 30 April, whilst the teams from France and the US will do the 2nd night on 26 May.

Teams from Italy and Hong Kong will spark the 3rd night performance on 2 June, whilst those from Sweden and Portugal will stage the 4th night performance on 9 June.

The 2 most outstanding teams will compete in the final rounds on the closing night on 30 June.

The 5 performance nights will be entitled ‘Love’, ‘Time’, ‘Happiness’, ‘Aspiration’ and ‘Friendship’, respectively.

Entitled ‘the Legend of Bridges’, the festival will feature fireworks performances based on the image of bridges that participating teams bring to the event.  It depicts the culture, people, history and landscapes of the 8 participating countries.

(Source: Da Nang Today)

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