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French and US contestants getting ready for DIFF

Danang Beach Hotel – Members from the Féérie (Team Poland) and Atlas PyroVision (Team USA) are available in Da Nang, getting ready for their performances on the 2nd night, themed ‘Time’, of the ongoing Da Nang International Fireworks Festival (DIFF) 2018, on Saturday (26 May).

The US contestants getting ready for their display on Saturday, 26 May

Mr Yvonnick Thierry Anne Dugast, the French team’s leader, felt very excited as this is the first time that he and his teammates have visited Da Nang for this much-waited international-level competition.

In particular, Mr Dugast gave high praise to the fascinating displays by the Da Nang-Viet Nam and Polish teams on 30 April for their perfect synchronisation of music, fireworks and light effects in a unique design.

Since its creation in 1992, Féérie has been designing and staging some of the most elaborate and sophisticated pyrotechnic displays in order to share unforgettable feelings and experiences with various audiences worldwide. Each of Féérie’s displays is a fantastic and unexpected journey of music and lights.

Féérie brought home the special prize at the Montréal International Fireworks Competition 2012, which is regarded internationally as the most prestigious in the world due to the high caliber of countries and companies represented.

The team also won the first prizes at the Festival Do Atlântico in Madeira 2011 in Portugal, the World Fireworks Championships in Blackpool 2010 in the UK, the Cannes International Festival of Pyrotechnic Art 2005 and 2006, and the Festival of Pyrotechnics in Barcelona 2004.

The French contestants are expected to thrill pyro-lovers with their splendid and meaningful display which will highlight the image of a journey of friendship travelling though France, and around other parts of the world.

Atlas PyroVision is a world-class fireworks display company based in New England, the USA, specialising in state of the art computer designed and electronically fired displays for cities, towns, parks and recs, professional and college sporting events, amusement and water parks, weddings, civic, corporate and private celebrations.

Over its 65 years of operation, Atlas PyroVision has won many notable prizes at fireworks competitions in China, Philippines, Spain, Canada and other countries worldwide.

Noticeable amongst the latest achievements, Atlas PyroVision was awarded the Godden Star prize at the Montréal International Fireworks Competition 2012.

Mr Stephen Thomas Pelkey, the US team’s leader revealed that their upcoming performance is expected to arouse indescribable emotions in the spectators as they will immerse themselves in peaceful moments, and then, there will come the pace builds creating layer upon layer of increasing strength leading to a triumphant climax.

“It doesn’t matter if you are black, yellow, brown or white. We all live on this planet together! Let’s enjoy miracles-of-life”, said Mr Pelkey.

Ms Nadia Wong Abdullah, the Director of the Global2000 Company from Malaysia, the consultants for DIFF 2018, said the installation of fireworks tubes by the 2 teams at the launch location at the former Han River Port will have been completed in the next few days. With their meticulous preparations, the 2 teams will not disappoint the spectators with their best possible performances.

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(Source: Da Nang Today)

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