Promoting the new direct flight Danang – Bangkok: Solutions from enterprises

posted Nov 17, 2013, 2:54 AM by Danang Beach
Since 2006, Thailand has always secured a spot on top ten countries with highest number of tourists visiting Danang. Especially, in 2011, the number of Thai visitors hit the 1st place with more than 83,519 people. In 2012, despite being surpassed by China, this number remained more than 72,185. These figures are clear evident for a potential Thai market to Danang tourism. Promoting a direct flight Bangkok – Danang, therefore, is supported by a lot of enterprises despite current difficulties.

It has been unstable

A great number of direct flights to Bangkok are currently operating in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City but not in Danang. In fact, the direct flight between Danang – Bangkok were facing its ups and downs.

On October 2001, Vietnam Airlines launched the first flight from Danang to Bangkok in the joint venture with Thai Airways. However, with its performance less than 50%, this flight was taken over by PB Air on March 2003, using Forker 70 with fewer seats at the frequency of 3 flights/day. After 6 years operated with the average capacity of 50 seats each flight, the flight Bangkok – Siemriep – Danang by PR Air was closed down in late 2009 to cope with the global economic crisis. In 2005, while launching the flight to Moscow, Thai Airways cooperated with PR Air to offer travellers the connecting flight Danang- Bangkok – Moscow as a solution to maintain the connection to Danang – the potential market in Thai Airways’ evaluation. Nonetheless, after the farewell of PR Air, it has been 4 year since Danang and Bangkok lost the airway connection.

The direct flight Bangkok – Danang was early operated, in 2000s, and was maintained with efforts for more than 7 years. This shows that Danang has been regarded a potential market by airlines although it has been difficult for them to ensure the frequent performance.

To be more exact, on July 2012 when Thai Smile (under Thai Airways) prepared to inaugurate flights in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, Mr Narinthorn Purnagupta, GM of Thai Airways in Vietnam mentioned a business plan for Danang without a scheduled time. Needless to say, the airlines are considering Danang as the third international destination of Thai Airways in Vietnam because of the dynamic development, the appearance of international brands and MICE trends.

The enterprises are in

While airlines are pondering on launching Bangkok – Danang flight, this is no longer their own business in the current context of Danang. They are supported by enterprises working in tourism who desire  a direct and immediate connection between two destionations, one of which is rich in experiences and the other is in the integration with a great deal of opportunities.

Positive feedbacks were noticed in Bangkok – Danang flight Promotion Meeting held by Danang Center for Tourism Promotion on July 13th. Although there were not the crucial presence of airlines, the meeting drew the full attendance of general managers from resorts, hotels, travel agencies and gained remarkable ideas.

Futhering the popular solution that is to call for the assistance of Danang government to make a breakthrough, enterprises claimed the number of seats they could buy to help ensure the minimum efficiency around 75% per flights from both Bangkok and Danang. Mr Adwin Chong, GM of Crowne Plaza, estimated the number of Thai tourists buying tour packages to the Central Vietnam’s largest casino and said that Crowne Plaze could undertake 60% the number of seats for 2 flights per week. According to Mr Matthias Wiesmamn, GM of Danang Furama Resort, there should be a long term plan for Bangkok – Danang flight. He added, in the first year, Furama could cover 20 seats including 3 business-class. Mr Cao Tri Dung, Director of Vitours agreed that tourism businesses should work with airlines to book the certain number of seats in the long run. A representative from Saigon Tourist was more concrete to say that they would operate one outbound tour to Thailand each week.

Many other ideas showed the feasibility of Bangkok – Danang flight launching in the coming future. Mr Jean Paul Fontenille, GM of Novotel Danang, said that Bangkok – Danang flight would be a good connection for Australian and European tourists to Danang, Vietnam. Especially, Bangkok receives  numerous revisits, who will chose direct flights from Bangkok to further their trips to neighboring destinations. Ms Di Na from Danang Golf Club offered information that high-class golf tours Bangkok – Siemriep – Danang, covering many attractive destinations are more and more popular. In other words, Bangkok – Danang flights can, and should, meet this travel demand. In accordance with this information, the idea to launch the flight in the connection with the third destination was also mentioned by Mr Huynh Tan Vinh, Chairmand of Tourism Association.

Besides launching new international flights, Danang should have policies to maintain them, especially low-cost ones. Experience drawn when Air Asia stopped the flight Kuala Lumpur – Danang shows that a more reasonable price policy at the arrival terminals for airlines is required. It will help in offering low-cost tickets and encourage tourists to fly to Danang.

(Source: Danang Tourism Portal)