Members of Da Nang Yacht Club held a campaign to raise 20.000 pounds for UNICEF

posted Feb 26, 2016, 6:44 AM by Danang Beach
Members of Da Nang Yacht Club are calling for a campaign to raise more than 15.000 pounds for UNICEF

Until the afternoon of November 27th (Ha Noi Time), members of Da Nang – Viet Nam Yacht Club appealed to people to donate 5.580 pounds and they are trying to call for a campaign to raise more than 15.000 pounds for UNICEF in order to protect children in danger in the world.

During their stays in Cape Town (South Africa), besides participating in activities in the frame of South Africa Beach Festival and in charitable activities of UNICEF, members of Da Nang – Viet Nam Yacht Club tried to take photos, looked for souvenirs and send them to their home in order to organize the events to raise money for UNICEF.

UNICEF are trying to protect children in South Africa by giving Mother and Children access to health and nutrition services, especially the methods to prevent HIV transmission from mother to children to keep children safe in the country that has the highest number of people diagnosed HIV-positive.

UNICEF has cooperated with Clipper Ventures PLC Company to raise funds to protect children in danger with the expectation of more than 300.000 pounds including about 60.000 pounds which this company obtained in the journey around the world and 240.000 pounds which 12 yachts obtained (every yacht obtained 20.000 pounds).

Donate the bicycles to South Africa Children

The amount of money is used to buy or is imputed in order to have 200.000 Polio Vaccines, 50.000 Measles Vaccines, 5.000 warm blankets for new-born babies in hospitals and refugee camps, 25.700 insecticide-treated bed nets to prevent malaria, 300 bicycles for children to ride to school, 64 water pumps to supply fresh water to the villages, 890 water tool-kits, 20 temporary schools or medical centers for disaster victims, 1.000 emergency nutrition packages.

Untill the afternoon of November 27th (Ha Noi Time), Clipper Ventures PLC Company and 12 yachts participated in yacht race around the world - Clipper Race 2015-2016 garnered 99.980 pounds in contributions including 33.106 pounds of Lmax Exchange Yacht, 17.605 pounds of Unicef Yacht, 16.620 pounds of Clipper Ventures PLC, 8.013 pounds of Derry-Londonderry-Doire Yacht, 5.580 pounds of Da Nang – Viet Nam Yacht, 11.577 pounds of other 8 yachts.

Mrs. Amada Stott – A Da Nang – Viet Nam member said gratefully: "What an amazing night! Many people donated small amounts for children who have no chance to use clear water, medical services. These small amounts will give them safety and happiness.

These contributions help me have extra motivation to overcome the cold, exhaustion, weariness, loneliness and face the big waves in the open sea and then people will see the power of us -  Da Nang – Viet Nam yacht sailors with dark orange shirt,  enthusiasm and happiness all over the world ".

(Source: Danang Department of Culture, Sport & Tourism website)