Increase in number of foreign tour bookings for Tet

posted Dec 31, 2013, 7:01 AM by Danang Beach
Da Nang’s travel agents are expected to see a large number of tour bookings for Tet because of this year’s 9-day break for the holiday.  They therefore launched various reasonably priced tours a few months ago to meet the increasing travel demands of customers.

Some local prestigious travel companies, including Viet Da Travel, Bien Ngoc, Vitours and Vietravel, are offering up to 100 Tet tours with many attractive promotional programmes.  In addition to tours to Da Nang and the central region, various tours to the northern and south-western regions of the country are available.
Some young people on a foreign tour

However, local travel companies are seeing a low number of bookings for domestic tours, accounting for about half of their targets over the period.

In contrast, there is a significant increase in the number of bookings for foreign tours.  The most popular international destinations for local travellers include Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Laos, and especially South Korea.

A representative from the Bien Ngoc Trading, Service and Tourist Company said that 70% of his company’s foreign tours have already been booked.

The Director of the Viet Da Travel Company, Mr Dinh Van Loc, said that tours to international destinations are drawing a great deal of attention from local travellers because they want to discover new cultures and go shopping. 

(Source: Danang Today)