Code of conduct issued for tourism sector

posted Aug 20, 2015, 8:11 PM by Danang Beach
The Da Nang Department of Culture, Sports, and Tourism has recently issued a code of conduct applicable to the local tourism sector.  The new code is intended to make the city a more attractive, safe and friendly destination for travellers from both home and abroad.

The code of conduct will be applied to 3 main groups of people: individuals and organisations working within the city’s tourism sector, local residents, and domestic and foreign visitors to the city.

In particular, individuals and organisations in the local tourism sector are required to respect their customers and maintain a friendly attitude and behaviour towards them.  They must always be ready to say “hello”, “sorry”, “please”, “thank you”, and other polite phrases.

The code of conduct will soon be publicised widely amongst the people and organisations involved.

Foreign visitors at a showroom in the Non Nuoc stone carving village

(Source: Danang Today)