Congee is a type of rice porridge popular in many Asian countries. When eaten as plain rice congee, it is most often served with side dishes. When additional ingredients, such as meat, fish, and flavorings, are added whilst preparing the congee, it is most often served as a meal on its own, especially when one is ill. Names for congee are as varied as the style of its preparation. Despite its many variations, it is always a thick porridge or soup of rice which has usually disintegrated after prolonged cooking in water.

Hường porridge (beef ball, bone etc.)

Add: 4 Hoàng Diệu Street
Tel: +84 511 828 821

Lộc porridge (beef ball, bone etc.)

Add: 4A Trần Bình Trọng Street
Tel: +84 511 822 346

Add: 70 Lê Đình Lý Street
Tel: +84 511 832 696

Ms. Thế
Add: 11 Đống Đa Street

Thanh Nhàn porridge
Add: 384 Phan Châu trinh Street
Tel: +84 511 3889 294

Hưng Thịnh
Add: 81 Đống Đa Street

Tâm porridge & steamed rice
Add: 100 Phan Châu Trinh Street
Tel: +84 511 3825 356

Pandan porridge
ĐC: 38 Nguyễn Chí Thanh
Tel: 0511.886415

Cháo Trắng Vịt Muối: (night serving)
ĐC: Số 10 Phan Châu Trinh

(Danang Beach Hotel)