Cầu Mống rare beef

Why this kind of dish is called Cầu Mống rare beef?

Cầu Mống rare beef
has existed for quite a long time and become well-known not only to the locals but to many visitors as well. Driving along the 1A National Highway will lead you to Cầu Mống, a village of Điện Bàn District. This small village is very famous for this kind of dish. On the contrary to its name, to cook this dish, people must follow many steps to make the perfect dish. First of all, the calf must not be too old or too young. Citronellas and lemon leaves are added into the belly of the calf to make the meat soft and delicious.

The beef tastes best when this dish is eaten with fresh vegetables such as green bananas, basil and coriander together with a mixture of fish sauce, chilli, garlic, ginger and lime.

Guests staying at Danang Beach Hotel do not forget to visit the following addresses to enjoy this famous dish being sold in Danang:


Ms. Ngọc
Add: 228 Đống Đa Street

Bò Tái
Add: 103 Triệu Nữ Vương Street

Tiến Thành
Add: 227 Trần Phú Street

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