Cẩm Lệ Sesame Cake

The Cẩm Lệ sesame cake is well-known around Vietnam, popularly made in Cẩm Lệ village, Danang city. This kind of cake is made from sticky rice or roasted for bulging, sweet with sugar then molded to eat itself.

Coming to visit the Cẩm Lệ village, guests could select the type of your choice and use as souvenirs when coming back to your home country. This is one of local specialties which most of visitors are interested in. The village is just 20 minutes drive, located near Cẩm Lệ bridge.


* Reliable addresses:

Ms. Liễu
+ An Hòa Zone, Khuê Trung Ward - Tel: +84 511 3846 723 
+ 50 Ngô Gia Tự Street - Tel: +84 511 3822 297

Ms. Nhứt
Add: Cẩm Lệ Bridge, Khuê Trung Ward
Tel: +84 511 3846 754

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