Marble Mountains – an ideal place for adventure lovers

posted Nov 26, 2016, 1:16 AM by Danang Beach
Following approval by the Da Nang authorities, the Viet Adventure Joint Stock Company recently introduced some adventure tourism activities at the Marble Mountains, especially descending from the Thuy Son peak by using ropes.

A climber descending the Van Thong Mount
A climber descending the Van Thong Mount

Mr Tran Van Khanh, a professional climbing instructor, said that he and his colleagues always instruct participants about how to use ropes and other types of equipment properly, and offer descending technique tips.  In addition to checking protective equipment to ensure the safety of climbers, instructors also consistently reassure climbers who need to overcome the fear of unexpected falls.

A group of senior high school pupils from Australia recently participated in this adventurous activity.  The participants were really excited but nervous to be descending the 30m-high Thuy Son Mount using ropes which are anchored above. 

15-year-old Lucas Gualano said that he felt very happy as he faced the challenge of descending the mountain amidst the enthusiastic cheers of his friends.  This adventurous game really helped him to feel good about himself.

The company’s Director, Vo Duc Trung, said that his company had conducted many topographical surveys and had implemented numerous mountain climbing exercises on a trial basis at this popular attraction before the new service was introduced.  The company will give top priority to offering this climbing service to foreigners who are accustomed to this type of adventurous sport.

Mr Trung remarked that mountaineering is very attractive to visitors to the Marble Mountains.  It is also very useful for international pupils who can enhance their life skills, self-confidence, and determination to overcome challenges.

The Marble Mountains boast great potential for developing a wide range of adventure sports thanks to the special and diversified natural topography.  Mr Trung, therefore, proposed that a centre for adventure sports should be established there.  He added that his company will introduce mountain climbing there, at different challenge levels, very soon.

To promote this environmentally friendly tourism product, Mr Trung suggested that importance should be attached to ensuring international standard equipment, developing professional instructors and organising climbing activities which match different terrains. 

(Source: Danang Today)