Effective measures to bring souvenirs to tourists needed

posted Aug 27, 2013, 7:45 AM by Danang Beach   [ updated Aug 27, 2013, 7:46 AM ]
Nearly 2 years after the implementation of Da Nang’s support policies for the development of a local tourism souvenirs industry, 8 local enterprises have so far been given permission by the city’s authorities to enjoy the benefits from these policies.

In detail, the Dai Duong (Ocean) Gifts company makes handicrafts from shells, quartz and rice, and Phan Thi My Hanh Sand Pictures makes sand products.  The Truc Xanh (Small Green Bamboo) company and Thanh Thien Fine Art Sculptures make natural stone handicrafts.  The Pho Hoi company makes products from salvaged wood, Tra My from cinnamon and bamboo, and Moc Thanh Phi makes wooden products.  The Quang Huy company makes products from wood, rattan and bamboo, and the An Khe Co-operative makes rattan and bamboo handicrafts.

So far, no dedicated souvenir-selling centres have been established in the city.  Therefore, local tourism products are now being sold in hotels, supermarkets and souvenir shops across the city where visitors can find and buy them easily.

Although some tourism products have not yet met the criteria for packaging, they have helped the city to reach its target of producing a wide range of souvenirs for visitors to the city.

In addition to the efforts of the local souvenir providers to make unique and beautiful tourism products, the city’s relevant agencies should do their utmost to take effective measures to present the tourism souvenirs to the tourists.  This will help to develop tourism as the city’s spearhead economic sector.

Another 3 businesses are awaiting approval from the local authorities before they too can enjoy the preferential policies.

(Source: Danang Today)