De Men Group – free effective marketing channel for local tourism

posted Sep 1, 2013, 8:25 AM by Danang Beach   [ updated Sep 1, 2013, 8:26 AM ]
Since its establishment about 6 months ago, Da Nang’s De Men (Cricket) Group has become actively involved in advertising the city’s beautiful images to both domestic and foreign visitors via social forums such as Facebook and other websites.  The group’s members are travel lovers and they have an interest in tourism discovery.

One group member, Ms Nguyen Thi Nhu Ngoc, said that her group’s website: http://dulichdanang.vn helps to introduce an overall picture of Da Nang to visitors.  In particular, her website features the Da Nang International Fireworks and Marathon competitions, along with the various popular tourist attractions such as the Ba Na Hills Resort, the Marble Mountains, and the Son Tra Penninsula.  In addition, it showcases the beauty of Da Nang’s unique bridges, white sandy beaches, and modern entertainment and shopping areas.

De Men Group’s members and some foreign tourists

Furthermore, the city’s popular attractions are introduced to visitors  using impressive themes: “Da Nang - Tu Goc Nhin Tren Cao” (Da Nang – a View from Above), “Da Nang - Noi Giao Thoa Bon Mua” (Da Nang - an Interplay of the 4 Seasons), “ Da Nang - Thanh Pho Cua Nhung Cay Cau” (Da Nang - the City of Bridges), “ Da Nang - Bai Bien Quyen Ru Nhat Hanh Tinh” (Da Nang - one of the Most Beautiful Beaches in The World), and “Da Nang - Thien Duong Trong Long Dai Duong” (Da Nang - a Paradise on the Ocean).

Apart from advertising the city’s images on its website, the De Men Group has organised many backpacking tours, including to the Son Tra Peninsula, and the city tours Da Nang-Hue and Da Nang-Hoi An.  These tours have attracted a large number of young people.  During their tours, the group members never forget their duty to promote the city’s tourism by taking beautiful photos to introduce them to their friends.

After a half year of operation, the De Men Group has become an effective marketing channel for the city’s tourism.   

(Source: Danang Today)