Danang: Launched a chatbot on the smart travel serving visitors on the APEC 2017 Economic Leaders’ Week

posted Nov 22, 2017, 7:08 AM by Danang Beach
Tourism Department of Da Nang City has officially announced a chatbot in the smart travel to serve tourists on the APEC 2017 Economic Leaders’ Week. Known chatbot about tourism (Danang FantasiCity chatbot) was directing the Danang People’s Committee, Department of Tourism, Department of Information – Communication and in cooperation with Hekate Technology Joint Stock company.

Along with the technological revolution 4.0, chatbot technology emerges as leading technology become the trend of global technology. With the application of Artificial Intelligence, chatbot can understand the behavior of the user, and is increasingly becoming smarter through the learning process and does not stop in the interactive process; thereby chatbot can replace the effectiveness of the work that people are doing. Chatbot brings more benefits, as well as other applications in all fields; chatbot becomes the trend around the world: from the service company, e-commerce to governments like Singapore, America…

Grasp the technology trends as well as application development to create an intelligence tourism form and more convenient for travelers. People’s Committee of Da Nang City officially agreed and directed the pilot project in the tourism field in last July to serve residents and visitors in APEC 2017 Economic Leaders’ Week. Tourism chatbot is integrated directly into Danang FantasiCity Fanpage (Official Channel’s broadcast Tourism Danang on Facebook). To experience it, this is very simple; you can type “Danang FantasiCity” directly on Facebook or visit the link: m.me/visitdanang. Besides, visitors can quickly scan the code at the tourist destination, Danang visitor center for use without downloading.

Danang: Launched a chatbot on the smart travel serving visitors on the APEC 2017 Economic Leaders' Week 2

Chatbot will help Danang visit center reducing load of work, enhancing the ability to comprehend the behavior to support visitors better, as well as create a new communication channel which friendly practical support with the other communication channels such as website and application

Messaging interface is easy to use, no need to download and built-in Facebook (the most significant social network in the world) easy access and convenience for travelers. Now, they just send a message to the chatbot, chatbot will say hello and “service” immediately based on their requirements at any time, anywhere. All the travel information such as specialty, accommodation, places to visit, events, passports, emergency phone numbers … chatbot will automatically provide for users when they tap on it.

Danang: Launched a chatbot on the smart travel serving visitors on the APEC 2017 Economic Leaders' Week 3The interface is easy to use, friendly of chatbot Danang Fanstaticity

The questions frequent of travelers such as “How is the weather today?” “Where is the public toilet ” or “How to rent motorcycle ?”, “Directions” … will be chatbot offers understanding, friendly and reply quickly.

Also, the chatbot having the ability to recognize language and communicate by English to help improve the efficiency, overcome language barriers for international visitors. In the future, Chatbot will be upgraded to add many words such as China, Korea, Japan… to support many other visitors from many countries. We hope that the practical supports of tourism chatbot will comfortable sharing, and access to social network and help promote the image of the city of Da Nang to the world.

In the APEC 2017 Economic Leaders’ Week, the chatbot is used as a channel to announce to the residents, the visitors about the activities within the framework of APEC. The activity schedule, ban moving on the roads provided by a chatbot, help people can easily go and attend APEC by the best way.

With Singapore used chatbot in Administration, Danang city is the first city in South East Asia use chatbot technology about tourism. Danang city hopes that chatbot will help all visitors can easily discover the sightseeing and have many memorable memories when they visit here.

Chatbot is understood primarily as the term that describes a group of artificial intelligence technology that allows the computer can communicate with humans. Specifically, the user is requesting “speech” or “type, ” and the chatbot will automatically find the appropriate answer and reply quickly.

(Source: Danang Tourism Website)