Ancient houses attract visitors

posted Nov 26, 2013, 3:16 AM by Danang Beach
Da Nang’s Hoa Vang District has around 100 ancient houses which are all over 100 years old.  These houses have become an attraction for both domestic and foreign visitors because they feature the unique cultural characteristics of a Vietnamese rural village.

Amongst them, the Tich Thien Duong house in Hoa Nhon Ward’s Thai Lai Village, which belongs to Mr Do Huu Minh, has become a must-visit place.  This house is over 200 years old and keeps intact some of the unique architectural characteristics of a Vietnamese ancient traditional house, including sophisticated carving patterns.  In addition, many old utensils are kept in the house, such as a flour mill, rice mortar, cake mold and coal iron, and these reflect the rural life of the past.

The Tich Thien Duong ancient house

Another ancient house belongs to Dang Cong Clan and is in Hoa Phong Ward’s Tuy Loan Dong 2 Village.  This house, which is the same age as the Tich Thien Duong, showcases the unique characteristics and cultural values of the old Tuy Loan Village

Unlike the Tich Thien Duong, this house only receives a few visitors.  However, it is drawing a great deal of attention from domestic researchers and students who want to learn more about the traditional architecture of Vietnamese old houses for their university theses.

Flour mill

In recent years, the district’s ancient houses have become ever more popular with both domestic and foreign tourists thanks to the development of local river tours.  The tourists are very interested in taking sightseeing boat trips on the Tuy Loan River to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of a rural village, and discover the beauty of the ancient houses alongside the river.

(Source: Danang Today)